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Gift Shops: Terminals A & B

Homes need love, too. That’s why there’s Brookstone, a bottomless collection of fun and interactive products for the abode. Nice to look at and rooted in purpose, it’s okay to touch the merchandise here.

Terminal A, Center Court near Gate A7, 210-822-3167

InMotion Entertainment
InMotion Entertainment is the largest entertainment and electronics airport retailer in the U.S. With a unique blend of cutting-edge electronics, accessories, music, movies and rental services, we guarantee to make your next trip more enjoyable. InMotion: Just press play.

To learn more visit:

Terminal A, Center Court near Gate A8, 210-826-1481
Terminal B, Near Gate B5, 210-822-2770

Marcy’s Travel Center
Maximize your travel time by visiting the Marcy’s Travel Center, fully equipped with Internet access, copier and mail service. Luggage solutions, including suitcases and tags, make Marcy’s the best travel companion.

Lobby, 210-892-1100

San Antonio Express-News
Catch the latest news, travel essentials and snacks from San Antonio Express- News. Offering an assortment of newsstand offerings, travelers will also enjoy exclusive postcards from San Antonio, along with exclusively designed apparel, fashion accessories, gifts and souvenirs.

Terminal A, Between Gates A13/A15 near Gate A5, 210-832-8367
Terminal B, Between Gates B3/B5, baggage claim, 210-832-8367

Simply Books
Fewer things compare to a perfectly selected book and cup of coffee. Both can be found at Simply Books, which features Starbucks and the best-sellers. The only airport-based bookstore in the continental U.S. that can make that claim.

Terminal A, Near Gate A8, 210-824-8339

Stars of San Antonio
Stock up for the one who’s deep in your heart. Texas-themed jewelry, shirts and sauces abound at this shop that offers 10% for every $100 purchase.

Terminal A, Near Gate A8, 210-310-3019

Texas Monthly News
Texas Monthly News gives travelers the customer convenience and satisfaction with an authentic brand experience providing the best selection of local, regional, national, international newspapers, magazines and periodicals, along with travel friendly essentials and accessories.

Ticket Lobby, 210-832-8193

UETA Duty Free
UETA Duty Free offers top quality spirits and tobaccos for international travelers, and brand name fragrances, cosmetics and luxury gifts for all. High-end merchandise at dramatically low prices will impress the most discriminating shopper…and a discount aisle offers another 25% off.

Terminal A, Across from Gates A6/A7, 210-828-2221